Commercial & Residential
Weekly Pool Service & Maintenance

The experts at Crystal Clear Pool and Spa are highly trained to provide high-end weekly pool service and maintenance. At approximately the same time and day every week, you can count on us to perform a thorough pool cleaning and inspection that will leave your pool looking brand new. Regular pool inspections and equipment maintenance are extremely important as it can prolong the life of your pool and its equipment, saving you a ton of money in the long run. Count on the experts at Crystal Clear Pool and Spa for all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

Weekly Pool Service Includes:
  • Skim surface
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pool sweep bag
  • Vacuum pool & spa
  • Brush pool surface and tile line
  • Empty pump basket
  • Backwash filter as scheduled
  • Check equipment for proper operation and leaks
  • Clean equipment area
  • Final pool inspection (re-skim surface as necessary)
  • Comprehensive water testing and chemical balancing
  • Skimmer and pump basket replacement
  • And more!

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